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NRO Summer Research Program for Cadets, Midshipmen and Air Force ROTC

Ten years ago the NRO began recruiting a small number of highly ranked cadets from the US Air Force Academy for a unique internship opportunity called the Summer Research Program (SRP). After the first year, the program grew to include the best Naval Academy midshipmen and cadets from the various military service academies. Within the last three years, the NRO has expanded the program to include the top Air Force ROTC cadets from across the nation for this excellent research opportunity.

The intent of this program is to provide meaningful research and development-based exchange between the NRO and military service academies and Air Force ROTC by allowing senior cadets and midshipmen the opportunity to experience and gain first-hand exposure to government research and development efforts and programs.

For more information about the NRO Summer Research Program, contact the NRO Office of Strategic Human Capital at 1-800-306-6990 x2102 or email

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