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First Imagery Taken By CORONA - Mys Shmidta Air Field, USSR 18 Aug 1960 An SA-2 Launch Site Near Chelyabinsk, USSR 8 Feb 1969 Soviet Solid Rocket Motor Production Plant Near Biysk, USSR Chinese nuclear test site at Lop Nor, Showing ground zero four days after the nuclear test The Pentagon, Washington, DC 25 Sep 1967 Dolon Air Field, USSR - Selected heavy bombers compared with selected transport aircraft 20 Aug 1966 Washington Monument and the Mall, Washington, D.C. 25 Sep 1967
Severodvinsk Shipyard,USSR 10 Feb 1969 CORONA Camera System CORONA Camera System CORONA CORONA A US Air Force C-119 Recovering a CORONA Capsule Returned from Space Artist Concept of the KH-4B Camera in Flight
Major Components of the J-3 System The CORONA Cameras Schematic of the KH-4B Camera System Showing the Relationships of the Cameras in Reference to the Earth's Surface Example of Four-Day Coverage of Eurasia During KH-4A Mission 1017 Discoverer-XXXVI Ready for Launching Coverage of Roman Ruins at Lejjun, Jordan (Mission 1115, Sep 29, 1971) Coverage of Logging and Gold Dredging, North of Aldan in Siberia (Mission 1112, Nov 16, 1970)
CORONA Launching Sequence Yurya ICBM Complex Showing Construction of an SS-7 Launch Site (Mission 9038, June 28, 1962) CORONA Reconnaissance System CORONA Recovery Sequence THORAD Booster Launching CORONA in the Agenda Spacecraft
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