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Thank You!

On behalf of the entire Interagency Visual Media Group (IVMG), I want to thank you for an outstanding meeting this year.
We broke our own attendance record, with more than 500 registered attendees for this year’s event! This tells me that the IVMG is quickly maturing as the only professional organization that visual media professionals within the IC can turn to for professional guidance, mentoring, and networking.

Please take a few moments to complete the feedback survey. We take your feedback seriously, and all input will be used to help make next year’s conference even better.


Thomas Sabolsky
Chairman, IVMG

Keynote Speaker: Michael Lejeune

Lejeune is the Creative Director for the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority. He acts as the agency’s chief creative strategist and copywriter, leading the LA Metro’s 30—person Creative Services group as it creates core communications elements for the nation’ third—transit agency.

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  • Was happy to see more Web Design/Development related presentation. It there's enough interest would love to see a SharePoint session added next year.