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Fiscal Year 2007

Equal Employment Opportunity Reporting Data Required by the No FEAR Act
Current Fiscal Year Cumulative Data (by Quarter)
  Qtr 1 Qtr 2 Qtr 3 Qtr 4
I. Complaints of Discrimination Filed:
A. Complaints filed: 1 1 1 2
B. Number of individual filers: 1 1 1 2
C. Individuals filing two or more complaints:        
II. Bases of Complaints Filed:
(Note: There can be more than one basis per complaint)
A. Race: 1      
B. Color: 1      
C. Sex: 1 1 1 1
D. National Origin:        
E. Religion:        
F. Age: 1 1   1
G. Disability:        
H. Reprisal: 1      
III. Issues of Complaints Filed:
(Note: There can be more than one issue per complaint)
A. Appointment/Hire:        
B. Assignment of Duties:        
C. Disciplianry Action:        
D. Evaluation/Appraisal: 1 1    
E. Harassment (Sexual):     1 1
F. Harassment (Non-Sexual):       2
G. Training:   1    
H. Position/Non-Selection:     1  
I. Terms and/or Conditions of Employment:        
J. Training:        
K. Removal:        
L. Reassignment:     1  
M. Awards:        
IV. Average Processing Time to Completion (No. of Days):
A. Investigation:        
B. Final Agency Action:
1. Final Agency Decision w/o Hearing:        
2. Final Agency Order w/Hearing:        
V. Dismissals Pursuant to 29 C.F.R. § 1614.107(a):
A. Dismissals:       1
B. Average days pending to dismissal:     33 6
VI. Findings of Discrimination:        
VII. Complaints Pending at the end of the Quarter:
A. Total Pending: 1 2 2 3
B. 0 of the pending complaints were filed prior to this Fiscal Year by 0 filers.
C. Processing Status of the Pending Complaints:
1. Pending Investigation: 1 2 2 3
2. Pending Hearing:   1    
3. Pending EEOC Admin. Judge Decision:        
4. Pending Summary Judgement:        
5. Pending Complainant Decision:        
6. Pending EEOC/OFO Decision:     1  
7. Filed Civil Action:        
8. Pending Acceptance/Dismissal:        
9. Pending Civil Action:        
VIII. Complaints in the Investigative Process beyond 180 days:   1    

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